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What are the benefits of lightweight walkers with wheels and a seat?

When one thinks of a mobility device, some immediate thoughts include clunky, 4 post walkers with tennis balls capping the posts. What typically does not come to mind is the assumed usage that allows those needing a little walking assistance to maintain their independent way of life. However, there are many more options than what was described to accommodate many levels of mobility needs. Getting the most out of life means being able to move independently while trying to decrease the risk of injury and fatigue. A wheeled walker with a seat option can provide users with the freedom and confidence they need in order to complete daily tasks, visit with grandchildren and travel to new destinations.

Using a lightweight, rolling walker (also known as a rollator) allows users to move at a comfortable pace, maintain a normal walking gait and support overall independence. These reinforced abilities build confidence for users to continue to live their lives with a reduced fear of falling and fatigue while performing everyday tasks. With a light-weight frame, braking systems, and seat, a rollator can assist with balance and control while progressing throughout the day, as well as improve overall quality of life through continued movement support. Mobility devices, like rollators, assist with full body movement and support good posture while promoting overall positive health.

At Topro USA, our rollator and walker selection includes 4 wheels, light-weight materials, seat options, and the based for building your mobility confidence. Wheeled walkers and rollators are assistive walking device equipped with a hand braking system, built-in seat, and a deep storage bag. The construction of the devices support usage both indoors and outdoors, and when not in use, easily fold for compact storage. The 4 wheeled walkers are more multi-directional than a 2 wheeled rolling walker, which benefits users from a navigation perspective and traversing multiple terrains and curbs (with the curb assistant located next to both back wheels for easy tilting and moving over curbs without the need to lift the device). Those who can walk but who may need assistance with stability, the ability to rest while taking longer walks and support related to balance from time to time may best benefit from using a rollator or a 4 wheeled walker.

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Troja Walker offers a modern design and durability with the comfort of a rollator and forearm supports provide upright support and correct posture when walking. Features include dual mode braking systems, mesh seat for resting, and easily folds/locks when not in use. Troja Walker is lightweight and offers an industry leading 7-year warranty so you can maintain an active lifestyle.

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As with any assistive medical device, the primary goal is to support a user’s independence by providing mobility support for daily tasks, whether related to “aging in place” or a specific medical condition. Despite any walking difficulties or preexisting illnesses, it is important to keep the body moving for optimal health, and the daily ability to walk around promotes good health and posture. 4 wheeled walkers or rollators promote confidence to walk both indoors and outdoors, while offering a seat for resting in order for users to move longer distances or just take a break from their daily routine.

It is important that you address any mobility concerns with a medical professional. The above information is intended to offer support and resource information but does not replace the direction of a medical professional, healthcare provider, therapist, nurse, aide, or any professional training.