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Adjusting the Height of Your Rollator Correctly

Prior to using your rollator for assistance with everyday mobility, it is important to make certain the height adjustments are aligned for your personal use. A key benefit of using a height-adjustable rollator is that it promotes good posture, which may reduce stress on your muscles and joints, may prevent back pain and body aches, and may reduce your risk of injury or falls. Upon receipt of your rollator, it is important to review the user manuals for adjusting the mobility device to fit your build to make certain usage promotes good posture while walking.

How do I correctly set the height of my rollator?

While it is easy to assume that your independence means possessing the ability to maintain your life without the need for a caregiver, we recommend that when you are setting up your rollator that you do so with help from a loved one, a friend, or a medical professional so that proper height adjustments can be made to promote using good posture while walking safely and confidently. Here are some guidelines to consider when adjusting the height of your rollator:

  • Stand upright in good standing posture, close to the frame of the rollator usually with your body aligned in between the two handles.
  • With this good standing posture, relax your arms by your sides naturally placing them close to the handles.
  • As instructed by the user manual, properly adjust one handle to be at wrist level and secure this height. Upon completion, repeat this exercise for the other handle so that both handles are at the same height and securely tightened.
  • If aligned properly and in good standing posture, your arms will be slightly bent upon gripping your handles. If not, repeat the steps above.

It is important to adjust the height to fit your specific build while promoting good walking posture. If your handles are set too high or too low, you may begin to experience muscle fatigue or strain due to incorrect handle height. If the handles are set too high, the elbows may strain due to being bent at an uncomfortable angle or being strained. Your shoulders may be stretched, which may lead to neck pain.  Likewise, if the handles are too low, this may encourage walking hunched over the rollator causing unwanted stress and pain on the spinal column and neck and may increase the risk of falling.

At TOPRO USA, we encourage taking the necessary time to properly adjust the height of your rollator so that you may walk utilizing good posture. If needed, you may wish to consult a medical expert, such as a therapist or your primary doctor, to assist with proper height adjustments.

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