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What are the Benefits of Using a Rollator Outdoors?

Whether a user wishes to travel, wants to attend sporting events or desires outdoor walks, the fear of mobility limitations should be conquered. Reducing the fear of falling and fatigue while building confidence and the ability to move about, rollators, commonly called 4 wheeled walkers, may encourage a stronger sense of autonomy and movement while walking outdoors.

With a design that supports multiple surfaces, a rollator offers users the ability to support daily life while moving around the house, the block or the world. Most rollators may support various outdoor terrains; however, for those who wish to traverse unsurfaced walking paths and trails, a heavier duty rollator may be needed. Most rollators are equipped with 4 sturdy wheels, a dual braking system, height adjustments, a built-in seat and a spacious bag for storage on the go. The primary 4 wheeled device absorbs multiple surface textures while promoting stability, smooth turns and increased confidence while walking over different surfaces.

When walking outdoors, users must always be aware of the path that lies ahead. For example, sidewalks may be uneven and may not always be textured the same, especially in metropolitan areas. Traditional 4-post walkers may have a tendency to snag on obstacles or get stuck on dips or cracks in the ground. However, the 4-wheeled rollator/walker supports a smoother glide over these surfaces while walking outdoors. Using a rollator outdoors supports greater maneuverability, as the 4 wheels improves the ability to turn and easily realign your path.

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Mobility challenges from either aging or certain medical conditions can lower your confidence in performing the everyday activities you once enjoyed. With the TOPRO Olympos ATR, large front wheels provide reliable and comfortable support on uneven outdoor terrains as well as on dirt, sand or gravel paths. Add in an industry leading 7-year warranty, modern stylish design, and durability you can rely upon, Olympos ATR accommodates your desire to maintain your favorite outdoor activities.

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Most rollators come with a built-in seat and spacious shopping bag for daily use, which supports the ability to move about outdoors for a longer period of time or at a greater distance. The built-in seat is beneficial for users when they are feeling fatigued and need a little rest before continuing their stroll. The hand brake system allows a user to place the rollator in a fixed or parked position to support the seated position and motion from stand to sit and from sit to stand. The braking system also allows users to slow their pace as the descend a declining terrain. Additionally, the spacious shopping bag offers a place for personal belongings, as well as room for some items such as groceries or goods and perhaps some smaller medical equipment.

For use both outdoors and indoors, rollators support movement across multiple terrains and surfaces. Whether moving along the sidewalk, down the aisle of a store, or across the kitchen in your home, the 4 wheels are made of a durable material that gripes and supports while promoting good walking posture no matter the environment. Not certain which rollator model is ideal for your specific situations or interested in learning more? We invite you to browser our online store or contact us for additional information.

It is important that you address any mobility concerns with a medical professional. The above information is intended to offer support and resource information but does not replace the direction of a medical professional, healthcare provider, therapist, nurse, aide, or any professional training.