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How Do I Use My Rollator Indoors?

Using Your Rollator Indoors

Frequently, we are asked “How do I use my rollator indoors?” or “Is there a correct way to use my rollator inside my home?”. Like others that may have just purchased a rollator, you want to make certain that you are safely using your mobility device while moving about your day indoors, either at home or another location. As with any new item added into your life, understanding its use is important. With a rollator, we recommend that you practice walking with it, preferably with someone else accompanying you, so that you build your confidence in walking with a rollator. It is important that you discuss the use and needs for a rollator with your medical professional (doctor, nursing aid, therapist, etc.).

The purpose of this page is to offer tips for using your rollator indoors.  We encourage that you begin your journey with the support and supervision of a friend or loved one while you build your confidence for daily use indoors. As with anything, practice builds confidence and prepares you for longer, safe usage of your rollator. It is important to always be aware of your surroundings indoors and quickly identify any obstacles that may pose a challenge to your mobility. At the end of the day, you want to improve your mobility and maintain independence in life for years to come.

When using your rollator indoors, there are a few key items to consider versus a traditional 4 post walker:

  • Turning – While the traditional 4 post walker can simply be lifted and repositioned, a rollator offers a smoother, in motion ability to turn. You might just need to practice as the tight corners may require you to reposition and make a wider turn due to the use of a “wheeled walker”.
  • Sitting to Standing – While the traditional 4 post walker appears stable versus a rollator with wheels, the braking system of the rollator offers a “parking” style brake that locks your wheels so that you can confidently move from a sitting to a standing position.
  • Approaching Uneven Surfaces – Whether it is a step down into a room or a step up, using a rollator takes practice and requires the braking system to assist with this type of motion (similar to addressing a sidewalk or street curb when walking outside).
  • Unlike a traditional 4 post walker, using a rollator to address these challenges takes practice and we recommend that you practice under supervision in order to build your mobility confidence while using a rollator. This allows you to maximize the use of the device while minimizing the chance of potential accidents.

At TOPRO USA, we recommend that you detail your daily use in order to understand any potential challenges you may encounter while using your rollator. If needed, you may wish to consult a medical expert, such as a therapist or your primary doctor, to address any concerns. It is important to explain your intended use in order for guidance to be offered, and most importantly, to help you maintain an active, safe, and independent lifestyle.

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