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Using a Rollator When Standing Up from Sitting in a Chair

While your rollator promotes mobility support, it may also assist when you need to stand up from sitting in a chair. Always make certain that your rollator is close to you and that the brakes are in the locked or parked position before utilizing it for sit-to-stand support. It is always important that when seated, that you keep your rollator within reach so that you can easily access it when needing to move.

Here are some important steps that may help you stand up from sitting in a chair and using your rollator to support this movement:

  • Make certain the rollator is aligned in front of your chair and that the parking brake is engaged on both handles.
  • Your feet should remain directly in front of your chair and be within the wheels. Do not place your feet outside of the wheels.
  • Position yourself forward in the chair safely so that is it easier to engage in the sit-to-stand motion (you will want to be as close to the seat’s edge).
  • With one foot slightly closer to the chair front than the other, bend slightly forward to have a portion of your body weight forward above your feet.
  • Place both hands on the armrests and push yourself up until you are standing.
  • Once standing, transfer your hands from the chair armrest to the rollator handle, only one at a time. This action should only occur when completely upright on both feet.
  • Do not use the rollator to pull yourself up in the standing position.
  • Once stable and comfortable standing with your hands on the rollator, then the parking brake may be released and you may begin moving about the room.

It is important that you practice the sit-to-stand motion while others are around to support this action. Do not attempt this motion alone until you are comfortable with this motion. The above information is intended to offer support and resource information but does not replace the direction of a medical professional, healthcare provider, therapist, nurse, aide, or any professional training.

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