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Carol's Story

Thank you! Thank you! My TOPRO Upright Walker has given me more confidence around the house. While I did not have a specific medical condition, I am aging and have become unstable on my feet. With my upright walker, I am able to move around much easier and especially in my kitchen where space is a little tighter. And not being heavy and bulky, my husband can easily fold, place in the car, and allow me to move about as needed outside of our home. Thanks again for the guidance, patience and help with aligning the right product that accommodates my specific situation.

Carol H. - Missouri

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Sandi's Story

Hi Charley - You may not believe that I was just finishing my dinner and reading the owner's manual. Wanted to get my second PT's reaction today since his partner, Stephani, was here on Tuesday. She is the one so taken with the Neuro, and my symptoms :-). Morgan was very impressed with the TOPRO, quite pleased. It still unsettles me a little - so lightweight, floats like a cloud and sleek! Morgan thinks it will be perfect. Best to you too.

- Sandi 

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Linda's Story

Hi Charley,

I’m back home with my new Topro Rollator and already am getting compliments on its looks. My first Topro was a stern black; this new one has a combination of grays, wine red, and black.

It has met my expectations with the features that drew me to the first one I bought in Berlin. What I like especially are its quiet, smooth action with the ease of turning around even in narrow spaces; the comfortable shape of the handles which provides two ways of grasping; the large, strongly made shopping bag, which can hold a surprising amount; the tilt lever, which makes it easy to navigate curbs and other obstacles.

I’m happy to find a dealership now in the United States so that any issues can be readily addressed and additional accessories can be gotten. My new Rollator was delivered very quickly and I am pleased it has a 7-year warranty.

Thank you for this high-quality item which helps me maintain my independence.

Linda - Maine

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Harriett's Story

Thanks to the Troja 5G for giving my wife her confidence in moving throughout our house. With the comfort grips and 2 types of brake mode, she can slow easily or park to rest using the seat.

- Harriett 

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Susan's Story

"Classy!" Lightweight but sturdy, rolls easily even on rough surfaces, handles extend upward enough for a tall person (don't have to get a bulky upright), deep & lightweight basket, ample seat width & support, great features like locking gadget when folded & tilt pedals. And simply, classy looking, actually pretty! Getting lots of positive comments.

Susan D. - California

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