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Meet TOPRO Olympos

An All-Terrain, Outdoor Rollator

The outdoors offers many physical and mental benefits. From reducing stress and anxiety, to simply engaging the senses, to improving overall mental health; being outside in nature is beneficial for the body and mind. At TOPRO USA, we understand the healing power of the outdoors and are proud to offer the TOPRO Olympos, an outdoor all-terrain rollator.

Olympos All Terrain
Olympos All Terrain
Olympos All Terrain

Having physical limitations, mobility or age-related challenges should not limit anyone’s ability to confidently move about outdoors. Whether a walk around the block, through the marketplace, or down a favorite walking path or trail, the TOPRO Olympos gives users the confidence and support to reach their desired destination. Users can go almost anywhere with shock absorbing tires, with larger front tires to absorb uneven paths, ergonomic handle grips and a 2-mode braking system. And if wanting to go longer distances, users can engage the parking brake and sit on the heavy-duty mesh seat to give their body a rest.

Features of the Olympos Outdoor Rollator

Designed specifically for outdoor use, the Olympos All-Terrain Rollator (ATR) is a premium rollator whose wide design promotes stability and maximum support. .  Several features include:

  • An industry leading, 7-year warranty.
  • Large, shock absorbing front wheels.
  • Flexible, ergonomic handgrips that may be used as comfortable armrests when seated.
  • TOPRO Ergo Grips for extra shock absorbing effect for stability and comfort.
  • A slender, modern, and light appearance.
  • Easily fold with one hand for storing when not in use.
  • TOPRO IBS (internal braking system) and TOPRO Quick Release system.
  • Zippered, spacious, water-resistant shopping bag that may hold up to 33 lbs.
Olympos All Terrain
Olympos All Terrain
Olympos All Terrain
Olympos All Terrain

Why Choose TOPRO for your Outdoor Rollator Solution?

The underlying motivation built into every TOPRO product relates directly to customer satisfaction and encouraging our customers to "Keep on Moving", especially outdoors. We understand you or your loved one’s desire to remain and continue to be active in daily routines is important and our rollators are here to support this need to maintain you or your loved one’s independence to move as wanted.

What to Consider when Buying an Outdoor Rollator?

With the goal of maintaining you or your loved one’s mobility whether aging or injury related, it is important to take time to understand what rollator is best for you or your loved one’s lifestyle. For those that wish to remain active outdoors, an off road rollator may be a viable solution.   Here are a few things to consider:

  • Research the specifications of the rollator to make certain sizing, width, and comfort meet your needs when choosing an outdoor rollator.
  • Evaluate the grip features and height adjustment options of the handles. Comfort is a key element when choosing a desired outdoor rollator.
  • Review the braking system of the outdoor rollator. Most premium rollators should be equipped with a dual braking system: one to assist in slowing down and one to lock the rollator in place (like a parking brake).
  • Understand the warranty and support available. It is important to be able to talk or email someone should you have questions.
  • Review the wheels and understand the durability of your outdoor rollator tires.

Ready to purchase or still have questions?  Click here to learn more. The above information is intended to offer support and resource information but does not replace the direction of a medical professional, healthcare provider, therapist, nurse, aide, or any professional training.

Ready for the Outdoors?

Mobility challenges from either aging or certain medical conditions can lower your confidence in performing the everyday activities you once enjoyed. With the TOPRO Olympos ATR, large front wheels provide reliable and comfortable support on uneven outdoor terrains as well as on dirt, sand or gravel paths. Add in an industry leading 7-year warranty, modern stylish design, and durability you can rely upon, Olympos ATR accommodates your desire to maintain your favorite outdoor activities.

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