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TOPRO Rollators & Walkers Offer Mobility & Independence

Stylish, Stable, and Comfort! These are common words that are utilized frequently when referencing TOPRO rollators and upright walkers. TOPRO products offer those needing mobility support the opportunity to enjoy an active and independent life while confidently reassuring the ability to perform daily tasks around the house, in the outdoors, or just about anywhere you wish to travel. Learn more about our rollators and upright walkers today, or if you are ready to take control over your mobility challenges, purchase online through our secure store.




Upright Walkers

Upright Walkers


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Where Comfort Meets Versatility

TOPRO has been developing and producing quality walking aids for more than 30 years because we love to see people moving. Our rollators provide support for those needing assistance walking due to difficulty maintaining balance, to reduce the risk of falling, or to avoid fatigue while walking. We are known for our design, product usability, and quality, which is why we offer a 7-year warranty on our rollators.



Secure, adjustable height handle bars with preset locking.


Maximum comfort while traveling on many surfaces with shock-absorbing wheels.


Ergonomic handles promote correct walking posture while providing a seated arm rest.


Attractive, sturdy design offers a modern, stylish look and feel.

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Get There - Safely, Confidently & Independently!

Are you or a loved one not feeling as stable on your feet as you once did?  Is an ongoing medical condition requiring additional help walking safely?  You are not alone.  With aging or due to certain medical diagnoses, a need for mobility aids, such as a rollator or upright walker, may be required to continue their independence and may offer extra support to minimize chances of falling. This feeling of independence through the use of one of these mobility products not only helps accomplish everyday tasks, but also offers additional confidence that assists with a positive cognitive base.

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