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Why Choose TOPRO for your Mobility Solutions?

Are you or a loved one not feeling as stable on your feet as you once did? Is an ongoing medical condition requiring additional help walking safely? You are not alone. Whether aging-related or due to certain medical conditions, the need for mobility aids, such as a rollator, may be required to continue their independence and may offer extra support to minimize chances of falling.

But, Why Choose TOPRO? The underlying motivation built into every Topro product relates directly to customer satisfaction and encouraging our customers to "Keep on Moving". Our satisfaction stems from our customers and their experiences as to how Topro products have improved their daily lives and supported their active lifestyles.

Advantages of the TOPRO Rollator Family

The mobility and design specialists at TOPRO are constantly working to improve mobility products with optimized functionality and modern designs. We believe that a good design, aligned with practical high-quality functions, adds value and benefit for our customers. Safety, comfort, and confidence when moving about remains a primary goal for our users.

Our Rollators include:

  • Unique Memory Function - saves the preferred preset handle height, for easy re-use.

  • Ergonomic Handles - containing TOPRO Ergo Grips, our rollator handles ensure correct walking posture and comfortable armrests while seated. Together with the soft tires, it provides double shock-absorbing effect for stable driving comfort.

  • Easy to Fold - simply pull the strap on the seat with only one hand. Practical to transport, it stays firmly on its wheels and takes up little space when stowed.

  • Easy Wheel Change - the interior braking system (TOPRO IBS) in combination with the TOPRO Quick Release system for an easy wheel change, allows the use of different tire treads.

  • Tilt Function and Edge Guard - enables the user to easily negotiate thresholds and curbs, while keeping both hands on the rollator for safety.

  • Industry Leading Warranty - offers a 7-year warranty (excluding assembly).

Get Mobility Support

TOPRO USA currently stocks rollators and upright walkers in our St. Louis warehouse. These products are in stock and ready to ship today. With an industry leading 7-year warranty, modern stylish design, and durability you can rely upon, TOPRO mobility products will help you keep on moving and explore more paths.