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Stroke & Mobility

A stroke occurs when blood supply to the brain is reduced (via a rupture or clot) causing the brain tissue to not receive the oxygen or nutrients that it needs. Given that a stroke is a medical emergency, quick treatment is crucial as brain cells can die in a matter of minutes. Strokes may be identified by preforming blood tests, imaging tests (CT, MRI, etc.) or a neurological exam testing mobility, feeling and mental capacity. 

What are common symptoms of a Stroke?

As a stroke is occurring, it is important to recognize these five warning signs: 
Numbness or droopiness in the face, arm, or leg (typically only on one side of the body):

  • Slurred speech
  • Blurred vision
  • Sudden loss of balance or dizziness
  • Unexplained severe headache  

Common symptoms of a stroke after it has occurred include, but are not limited to:

  • Trouble speaking or understanding others
  • Paralysis of the face, arms or legs
  • Loss of muscle movement
  • Muscle weakness
  • Memory loss
  • Emotional problems
  • Difficulty talking or swallowing 

How can a Stroke impact mobility?

The loss of mobility from a stroke typically depends on how quickly a person gets to the hospital after the stroke occurs. Strokes typically cause a loss of mobility due to muscle weakness or paralysis on one side of the body. Walking independently may be difficult or impossible without the use of a mobility aid. Numbness of the limbs can require frequent bouts of resting or sitting while walking. A loss of muscle movement requires moments of rest, stability while walking and additional support from hand grips and brakes. 

How can rollators help after a Stroke?

The use of a rollator after experiencing a stroke may help the individual regain confidence by offering extra support and stability. Depending on the type of stroke and its lasting effects, one may consider using either a rollator such as the TOPRO Troja rollator or an upright walker. Both options offer support while walking, balance control, assistance over unbalanced surfaces. Using a TORPO mobility device may also aid in a consistent and smooth walking gait with a walking speed of your choice. TOPRO rollators and upright walkers also include a seat to accommodate for frequent rests as needed. Whether mobility assistance is short or long term, TOPRO offers an industry leading 7-year warranty. 

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The above information is intended for support and resource but does not replace the direction of a medical professional, healthcare provider, therapist, nurse, aide, or any professional training. Prior to purchasing any mobility device to assist after a stroke, it is important to discuss options with medical providers.