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Parkinson’s Disease & Mobility

Known as a progressive neurological disease, Parkinson’s is a disorder that may lead to difficulty in walking and talking. As the disease progresses, shakes, stiffness, and challenges with walking, balancing, or coordinating muscle movement become common. Currently, there is no known cure for this disease nor a known “Parkinson’s Test”, as it may take multiple factors to diagnose. 

What are common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease?

Typically, symptoms of Parkinson’s begin with something as mild as a small tremor in one hand, but then expand or worsen over time as the disease progresses. Common symptoms of Parkinson’s disease may include, but are not limited to:

  • Tremors / shaking
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Slowing of mobility
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Distortion or loss of smell
  • Trouble grasping objects (silverware, pens, etc.)
  • Walking or gait challenges due to decreased balance and muscle coordination 

How can Parkinson’s disease impact mobility? 

As Parkinson’s disease progresses, walking independently may become more difficult or almost impossible without mobility aids. Potential loss of balance, involuntary muscle movements, or stiff muscles may make it difficult to begin walking, stop walking, change directions, or perform sit-to-stand movements (and vice versa). Losing this independence may impact overall mood, demeanor, and outlook for those living with Parkinson’s disease. Difficulty in controlling muscle groups may also increase the risk of falling. 

How rollators may help those with Parkinson’s Disease?

Using a mobility device may offer additional stability and confidence both indoors and outdoors. A rollator-style mobility product from TOPRO includes 4 wheels, built-in seat, storage bags, and forearm platforms or grips depending upon the model. All rollators encourage users to continue moving about more securely and to potentially reduce falls. Given the need for support while walking, TOPRO mobility products promote proper walking posture and needed support for extra stability while moving. Products, such as the Troja Neuro and the Upright Walker, may assist safe and secure movements for those with Parkinson’s disease. 

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The above information is intended for support and resource but does not replace the direction of a medical professional, healthcare provider, therapist, nurse, aide, or any professional training. Prior to purchasing any mobility device to assist with a Parkinson’s diagnosis, it is important to discuss options with medical providers.