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Going over Curbs Using a Rollator

High curbs, low curbs, medium height curbs! A curb is a curb and for those with limited mobility, a curb of any size may pose a challenge. When using a mobility aid, such as a rollator, even the slightest curb may cause the front wheels to stop suddenly and require a little assistance from you to overcome the obstacle.

Unlike a traditional walker that would require the user to lift the mobility support device up and place it onto or over the curb, this may not be ideal due to the ability to lift, an underlying medical condition, and individual balance concerns. While lifting a rollator may be possible, most rollators are equipped with a curb assist located by the rear wheels of the rollator. With the appearance of a small foot pedal, the curb assistance allows users to easily tilt their rollator backward to successfully maneuver over the curb.

Using the Curb Assistance of a Rollator when Walking over a Curb

  • As you are approaching the curb, continue walking forward until the front wheels of your rollator rest in front of the curb.
  • In order to lift or tilt the front wheels up, use one of your feet to gently press down on the curb assistant (the part of your rollator with the appearance of a foot pedal located near the rear wheels).
  • Once pressed, grip the handles securely and tilt the rollator towards you on the rear wheels until you have reached the desired height to prepare for moving forward over the curb. Depending upon height, you may wish to deploy the brakes on the handle to offer additional support during this move.
  • Once the front wheels are on top of the curb, then step forward until your rear wheels are resting next to the curb.
  • You may need to lift the rollator slightly to assist the back wheels in making the step up and over the curb.

It is important that you practice walking with your rollator with the support of others to build your comfort and confidence. This includes practicing using your rollator and its curb assistant for confidently walking over curbs. Do not attempt using your rollator with curbs alone until you are comfortable with this motion. The above information is intended to offer support and resource information but does not replace the direction of a medical professional, healthcare provider, therapist, nurse, aide, or any professional training.

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