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Using a Rollator When Sitting Down on a Chair

While your rollator promotes mobility support, it may also assist when you need to sit down in a chair. Always make certain that your rollator is close to you and the intended seat. Always double-check that the brakes are in the locked or parked position before utilizing it for getting from a standing-to-seated position. Once seated, it is that you keep your rollator within reach so that you can easily access it when needing to move again.

When using your rollator, sitting down on a chair may be more complicated than standing from a seated position. Below offers some helpful suggestions to become comfortable with this motion, which takes practice and time. Also, note that the ideal type of chair for this motion, as well as standing again, are ones with armrests or ones with higher seats. If these types of chairs are not available, then you may need some additional assistance when sitting down in a chair (and then again when needed to stand).

Here are some important tips that may help you sit in a chair from standing with a rollator:

  • After identifying the desired chair, preferably one with armrests or a higher seat, proceed toward that location.
  • As you approach, confirm that there are not any obstacles or objects on the floor in front of your desired chair.
  • When you are just a step or two away, turn around with the rollator and walk backward slowly. If you are uncertain of your distance from the chair, stop, turn around to look, turn back around and continue slowly walking backward until you feel the desired seat against the back of your legs.
  • At this time, engage the parking brakes on the rollator. Do not let go of the rollator handles and keep your back towards the chair.
  • Using one hand, grab onto the armrest of the chair. Then repeat this step with your other hand. If the chair does not have armrests, you may attempt to place your hand directly on the seat one at a time. If you do not feel comfortable without an armrest, locate another chair or request help from someone around you.
  • Once you feel stable with the position of your hands (either on the armrests, one the seat or with assistance from another), lower yourself onto the chair.
  • After you are comfortably seated, release the rollator parking brakes, and position the rollator next to your chair within arm’s reach for accessibility when ready to move.

It is important that you practice sitting down in a chair from standing with a rollator while others are around to support this action. Do not attempt this motion alone until you are comfortable with this motion. The above information is intended to offer support and resource information but does not replace the direction of a medical professional, healthcare provider, therapist, nurse, aide, or any professional training.

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