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How to Walk using a Rollator?

With a rollator, you now possess a rolling walking aid that allows you to travel longer and more confidently while promoting mobility safety and good walking posture. Out of the gate, this exciting enhancement to your quality of life may allow you to maintain your independence in living both inside your home and outside attending to everyday tasks. However, it is important that you practice walking with your rollator and follow some general tips for safely moving about your day with this mobility aid.

Most importantly, vision plays a key role when using your rollator.  Being observant of your surroundings and maintaining focus on your walking destination all begins with looking at what lies ahead of you. It is easy to get distracted by a beautiful flowering bush or action across the street, which lends itself to taking your eyes away from your walking pathway. You must always look ahead in an effort to avoid any obstacles that could cause distress during your journey. And remember, practice, practice, practice in order to build confidence and comfort in using your rollator for everyday mobility.

Here are some tips to correctly use your rollator while walking:

  • Distance from your body to the rollator should not exist. It is important to keep your body between the handles and walk closely to the rollator. This offers support and promotes good walking posture.
  • When properly aligned with your rollator, your arms should be by your sides and your hands should be relaxed for comfortably gripping to the ergonomic handles. With less stress and strain, your walking should be more enjoyable.
  • Always look around you, and most importantly, ahead of you to observe any obstacles that may impede your journey.
  • Proper walking posture helps promote balance, stability, and safety when walking with your rollator.
  • As you continue on your journey, you must make certain that you lift your feet while walking versus shuffling your feet. The drag of a shuffle combined with a rollator may become a tripping or fall hazard.

When walking, keep in mind that:

  • Hands should be positioned correctly on the handles with your fingers loosely around the hand brake. This allows for ease when quickly braking, slowing down, or engaging a “parking” brake (common on the 2 step brake systems). It is important to walk upright close to your rollator in order to keep control using the handles and brakes.
  • Making turns may require that you adjust your walking path to accommodate for this maneuver. With 4 wheels on your rollator, you may need to take a wider approach to some turns. Always make certain you look ahead and determine the best course for turning while keeping your rollator close to your body versus “turning” the rollator and then walking up to it.
  • Looking ahead is best for avoiding obstacles in your path. Looking down at your feet is not recommended, as it could make for an unsafe journey.
  • Lifting your feet while walking may minimize your risk of falling. Sliding, shuffling, or dragging your feet may encourage a fall.
  • Leaning on your rollator too much may impose poor walking posture and possibly cause stress or strain on your muscles, back, or neck. Proper height settings should assist with discouraging this use.

It is important that you practice walking with your rollator while others are around to support this activity. Do not attempt walking with your rollator alone until you are comfortable using this mobility device. The above information is intended to offer support and resource information but does not replace the direction of a medical professional, healthcare provider, therapist, nurse, aide, or any professional training.

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